I pastored a Church of God in which a previous…

I pastored a Church of God in which a previous pastor several years before me had an affair with the Church’s secretary. He left his wife and married the secretary. He remained pastor even after the moral failure and many knew about the situation.

The church was suffering financially so he had the clerk give him a weekly salary by check and he had all the non deposited checks, nearly a years worth. When he knew his fate was sealed he led the church in a massive fund raising to pay off the Church’s indebtedness.

Instead of paying off the indebtedness he cashed all the checks for himself.

When I discovered this I inquired at the Bank and they said that when an unusual transaction takes place in an account they check to verify with the accounts signers. The clerk was one of the signers and they inquired from him and got verification.

I uncovered facts showing that the clerk had embezzled over $60,000. The pastor and clerk were milking the church dry.

Is it alright for a pastor to do this?

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