I posted this on my FB page back in 2011….

I posted this on my FB page back in 2011. Elmer Odum was teaching Church History at Lee College and specifically pointing out the things that would be on our upcoming exam. I remember like it was just yesterday that he paused to point out page 560 in the textbook. He emphasized that this would not be on the exam but went on to expound on the six points of the anti-missions Baptist movement. Through the years I flashed back to p-560 often. I always wondered why Brother Odum emphasized these things.
Years later I would discover my ggggrandfather and his brother married two sisters who were members of a Two Seeds in the Spirit Predestinarian Baptist Church. They became members of this Church as early as 1825.
These six things have impacted my life and ministry and are as relevant today as they were then.

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