I served in the Church of God European Servicemen's Department…

I served in the Church of God European Servicemen’s Department from 1974 -1990. We had an unofficial motto and that was our service to the American Servicemen justified our breaking laws. We broke laws and when someone’s guilt got the better part of them they were reminded that our service was above the law.

I don’t want to go into the specifics of what this means however I can speak for myself, it left me a nervous wreck. I thought that I had overcome this and that I was “delivered.”

I guess that this is a mild form of post traumatic stress disorder, not to be confused with the severity that our military community suffers. (no headache is small when it is your own)

I have sleep issues and recurring nightmares. I am under treatment for sleep apnea and it has been working well as the sleep apnea has spurred the nightmares. This is accompanied by depression. I awoke this morning having scored 100 % on my sleep measurement yet there was a recurring nightmare and depression upon waking though I had slept well.

I considered not going to church. Instead I went to church three times and each service was a great blessing.

I resolved today to speak up about this issue in the hopes there maybe someone else in the same situation.

I expect to get some criticism as usual and perhaps there might be more healing for me as I confess to this need.

I am going to continue addressing this situation in the next days or weeks.

I welcome your thoughts.

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