If it is appropriate, I would like to take this…

If it is appropriate, I would like to take this opportunity to publicly give my support for Dr. Raymond Culpepper to be the next General Overseer of the Church of God.

The following reasons have been developed by years of observation and direct ministry-related interaction with Dr. Culpepper.

1st – As Alabama’s Admin. Bishop, Dr. Culpepper has conducted himself with Integrity and Grace as he has had to resolve hard issues within the state of Alabama.

Financial constraints, churches leaving the denomination, and pastoral issues have weighed heavy in the state. In addressing various matters Dr Culpepper’s wisdom is obvious and his knowledge is vast. I have witnessed him take the side of Mercy and try to be a blessing to all that would allow him to do so.

2nd – The church that I pastor was hit by a tornado in 2014.
Dr. Culpepper was there within hours to check on me, my family and our congregation. He constantly checked on us during the rebuilding process. He gave insight and encouragement during each phase of construction. He is a pastor’s pastor.

3rd – Years ago I witnessed Dr. Culpepper stop a revival service where he was preaching, so that he could walk to the back of a very large church to ask a small teenage boy to receive Jesus Christ as Savior. He led that boy to Christ. Years later, that boy is now a Church of God pastor and District Overseer.

I could say much more, but I believe that Dr. Culpepper should be considered to be our next General Overseer. If he is, the Church of God will be in good hands under his leadership.

Dr. Stanley K. Cooke

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