If you visit my hometown Church of God in McMinnville,…

If you visit my hometown Church of God in McMinnville, Tennessee you will want to attend on the Sundays that they have an old fashion Holy Ghost service if you want that type of service. However if you want choreographed youth dancing with “mimes” and “rock” gospel then there are Sundays for you.

They haven’t fully adopted the “reach-the-lost-through-whatever-turns-them-on mindset” but it is worked into the worship format from week to week.

My mom and I enjoy an old fashion Holy Ghost worship service with traditional Red Back Hymns (even projected on a screen) and mom knows the arrangement. She knows when to ask if I will go to church with her and she knows when to “not attend this morning”. She will stay home as well since she is able to use her age as an excuse not to attend.

One Sunday I went with her when she suggested “we don’t have to go this morning” and I discovered why!!! All this in spite of the fact that she and I both danced in the isle the previous Sunday. The pastor didn’t even preach that Sunday.

This is a seeker church, a COG seeking to become totally seeker and sinner friendly. The big hold back is the old people who recall previous old fashion holiness/ Spirit-filled services with the Holy Ghost in charge.

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