I'm mulling over Carolyn Dirkson's "sermon" at Lee University convocation,…

I’m mulling over Carolyn Dirkson’s “sermon” at Lee University convocation, Tuesday AM service. She said that the judgemental cultural views of the student body are cause for students who are under DACA status, of color, gay, and financially destitute to be fearful of them. What I am trying to understand is why are those students afraid of the student body (clearly they are not afraid of the teaching faculty which should be just cause for fear)
Carolyn, like all other liberals wants everyone else to experience guilt because 1) they are law abiding 2) they are white 3) are normal/straight 4) they have an income source. She assumes the student body is at varying degrees of judgemental-ism, uncaring and unsympathetic.
If you are undocumented, if you have expired documents, and if your parents are here illegally or on expired documents you have reason to be afraid. You are afraid of enforcement of laws. Carolyn says this is the shared fault of both political parties! That is another topic. But it goes to Carolyn’s desire to make all Americans experience guilt and shame.
If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gendered or queer then you have just cause for fear. Clearly the teaching at Lee University should contribute to that fear. It is a liberal arts Bible training institute. Liberal arts does not mean loving and openness to homosexuality. There are scriptural conservative rules that shopuld apply.
The weak part of her sermon is the point about financially destitute students. My wife and I got food stamps to put food on our table for the two of us. I doubt that Carolyn understands this part of life. A large part of the student body understands this and they have the financial support of families back home who can’t afford for their children to be at Lee. They sacrifice!
Why heap this burden on the student body because a student is living in her car. “You have not because you ask not.” “She who won’t work won’t eat or sleep in a bed.” This is liberalism gone a muck. Carolyn should have been too embarrassed to have brought this up. It offends the school in my judgement. The school provides guidance and direction for this very problem. This is not the student body’s fault.
The weakest part of her sermon is the racial issue. Here liberalism is at it’s lowest level and particular so called Christian liberalism. Why should students of color fear the student body? This one leaves me somewhat speechless. It is the bane of liberalism!
The students of color are not illegals, they are not an abomination to God nor are they struggling financially. Liberals like to put African Americans and homosexuals into the same category and the assumption is that they are alike! “Homosexuals like blacks are born the way they are!”
I don’t believe that Carolyn understands what this message means to her African American friends. Liberals don’t have black friends they have slaves.
I am leaving this last point open for discussion. What do you say?

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