In Ephesians 4:13 we have a list of the five…

In Ephesians 4:13 we have a list of the five fold ministry, namely apostles,prophets,evangelists, pastors and teachers. I ask you where are the apostles and prophets? There are a few who call themselves apostles and prophets but their works are lacking. They prophesy wealth and prosperity or gloom and judgment. But few ever come to pass. I also wonder about the evangelist im afraid that this office is also going to be extinct in the Church of God soon. There are
thousands of Holy Ghost called , anointed , fully crendentialed , ministers of God who have given up the vision of reaching the harvest. They settle for sitting on another preachers pew or teaching a Sunday school class which they have no burden for. Most churches settle for one or two revivals a year and the pastor gets one of his preacher buddies to hold it. I ask where are the opportunities.For evangelism? Our distinguished overseer Tim Hill who I love and respect (so glad he is our overseer) is touring the country talking about finishinreat commission missionI think we could finish it a lot faster and more effectively if we could find a way to engage our forgotten and forsaken evangelists. Don’t know how to do it but surely the great Church of God could find a way.

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