Inevitable :: By Daymond Duck

Concerning a war in Lebanon, on June 5, 2024, it was reported that senior Israeli military officials said, “Without a ceasefire in Gaza and subsequent deal with Hezbollah that meets Israel’s requirements, Israeli officials say an offensive is inevitable.”

Israeli Prime Min. Netanyahu said, “Strong action will be taken against Hezbollah if it keeps up its assault. Whoever thinks he can hurt us and we will sit and do nothing is making a big mistake.”

Here is a brief list of things that are inevitable because the Word of God says they will happen:

  • The destruction of Damascus, Syria, in one night (Isa. 17).
  • The destruction of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and many of their Islamic allies in the Battle of Gog of Magog (Ezek. 38-39).
  • The rescue of believers from the wrath to come (I Thess. 1:10; 4:13-5:9).
  • A worthless 7-year covenant with many in the Middle East (Dan. 9:27).
  • A godless, satanic world government; a New World Order (Rev. 13:7).
  • A rebuilt Jewish Temple and resumption of the animal sacrifices (Dan. 9:27; Matt. 24:15; II Thess. 2:4).
  • Hyperinflation and a global economic collapse (Rev. 6:5-6).
  • Tracking of everything that is bought and sold all over the world starting in the middle of the Tribulation Period (Rev. 13:16-17).
  • The gospel will go all over the world before the Second Coming (Rev. 7:3-8; 11:3-13; 14:6).
  • The salvation of great multitudes from all nations (Rev. 7:9-16).
  • The salvation of all Israel (Rom. 11:26).
  • Israel will have undisputed possession of Jerusalem (II Chron. 6:6; Psa. 137:5-6).
  • The reign of Jesus on earth for a thousand years after the Tribulation Period (Zech. 14:9; Rev. 20:2-7).

And much more.

Here are recent events that seem to indicate that the end of the age is close.

One, concerning a digital ID (a prerequisite for tracking all buying and selling): Australia has passed legislation to roll out a digital ID by December of this year.

The EU wants to require its approximately 450 million citizens to have a digital wallet by 2030 (digital document to have a bank account, make purchases, get a driver’s license, get a license plate for your vehicle, fill a prescription, travel, etc.).

In Iceland, a digital ID is required to buy a house, turn on the electricity, get a phone, etc.

Tracking all buying and selling on earth is inevitable, and it is shaping up now.

Two, concerning government waste that will contribute to an economic collapse: on June 6, 2024, it was reported that since the Biden administration pulled America’s troops out of Afghanistan in 2021 (several U.S. troops were killed during the pull-out and billions of dollars of weapons were abandoned to the Taliban), Biden has funded 6 education programs that cost U.S. taxpayers $185.2 million.

In Fiscal year 2023, he gave Afghanistan (which is run by the Taliban) $566 million for humanitarian assistance.

The Taliban is a terrorist organization that oppresses women, denies human rights to the Afghan people, killed 13 U.S. soldiers in a terrorist attack, sold abandoned U.S. weapons to other terrorist organizations, and Biden keeps giving them money.

(More: On June 9, 2024, Sen. Ted Cruz accused Pres. Biden of sending one hundred billion dollars to Iran that was used to fund the Oct. 7, 2023 attack on Israel and the Hamas fighting that has gone on since then.)

(More: On June 10, 2024, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the U.S. has averaged borrowing $4.9 billion a day every day for the first 8 months of this fiscal year. If this doesn’t change, an economic collapse is inevitable.)

Three, concerning wars and rumors of wars and the use of nuclear weapons in the future: the Bible teaches that nuclear weapons will be used during the Tribulation Period (Zech. 14:12; Rev. 6:14).

On June 6, 2024, Russia’s pres. Putin said if NATO allies allow Ukraine to use NATO-nation weapons to attack Russian territory, Russia can provide long-range weapons to others to strike targets in the West.

Putin added that Russia is ready to use nuclear weapons if it sees a threat to its sovereignty.

(More: On June 6, 2024, a Russian official said if France sends troops to Ukraine, they will not be immune to Russian military action, and Russia will kill them.)

(More: On June 6, 2024, the U.S. military said in the last 3 days it conducted 2 tests of International Ballistic Missiles that can carry nuclear warheads.)

(FYI: The Wall Street Journal recently reported that lawmakers are concerned about Pres. Biden’s cognitive decline. Rep. Ronny Jackson – former White House physician to Pres. Obama and Pres. Trump – said Biden has significant issues, he shouldn’t have the job, and it’s a serious threat to the U.S.)

(My opinion: Is the U.S. under the leadership of someone who is mentally deficient, or is it under the leadership of someone who is telling him what to do? With Russia threatening to use nuclear weapons, shouldn’t U.S. citizens know who has their finger on the nuclear button at the White House?)

Four, concerning an increase in wars and rumors of wars at the end of the age: on June 10, 2024, Norway published results of a study that found that there were more armed conflicts in the world in 2023 than any year since WW II.

Five, concerning corruption in the UN, on June 6, 2024, Israel destroyed a tunnel that was more than a mile long with weapons, missiles, explosives, and intelligence assets that ran under a UN post in Gaza.

The evidence of a connection between the UN and Hamas keeps piling up.

Six, last week I reported that the World Health Organization violated the rules and rammed through approval of a set of amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs).

The WHO wants authorization to declare a public emergency and take control of everyone on earth (require medical treatments, vaccinations, masks, quarantines, passport restrictions, social distancing, etc.).

As I see it, their willingness to violate the rules to get the IHR amendments passed is reason to believe that they will violate the rules after the amendments are passed.

Anyway, on June 10, 2024, Worthy News reported that The Liberty Counsel, a Christian non-profit legal group, said:

  • The WHO bypassed protocol to secretly pass a resolution that would enhance the WHO’s authority and dictate how nations report, manage, and cooperate in another infectious disease outbreak.
  • While the WHO claimed there was a consensus, it illegally enacted the new legally binding IHRs without a floor vote, contrary to established rules and protocols.
  • Sources said only about one-third of member nations were present for the final approval session, and only 37 out of the 194 member nations supported the revised IHRs, including U.S. delegates.
  • Objections were only allowed after the approval.

Here is a link to the article.

(My opinion: Worthy News and The Liberty Counsel are reliable organizations. If I understand this report, U.S. delegates supported a secretly passed, illegal resolution to surrender a sizable chunk of America’s sovereignty to a corrupt group of unelected foreigners. With this kind of corruption taking place, it is easy for me to believe that the Word of God is true, and, as I said above, a godless, satanic world government is inevitable.)

Seven, last week I reported that on June 3, 2024, the Biden administration introduced a bill in the UN Security Council to impose a ceasefire and hostage release in Gaza.

Biden called the bill “Israel’s Proposal,” but Israel disputed it.

Netanyahu said Biden conveniently overlooked Israel’s goal of defeating Hamas.

He said Israel didn’t agree to end the war.

Israel only agreed to discuss an end to the war, and Israel would only discuss it after the hostages are released.

Eight, concerning Biden’s abandonment of Israel and his support for Hamas: on June 11, 2024, it was reported that a poll of Israeli soldiers found that several soldiers believe that Biden’s policies are restraining Israel, prolonging the war, preventing Israel from defeating or deterring its genocidal terrorist enemies, increasing the death of Palestinian citizens, and getting more Israeli soldiers killed.

Here is an update on that.

On June 10, 2024, the UN Security Council passed Biden’s resolution, and America’s ambassador to the UN said:

  • Today, we voted for peace.
  • Israel has already accepted this deal.
  • The fighting could stop today – and hostages could come home today – if Hamas agreed to the deal.

Netanyahu said:

  • I will not be ready to stop the war. Despite what President Biden said, it has not yet been agreed how many hostages will be released in the first phase. We can stop the fighting for 42 days in order to return the hostages. We cannot stop the war.
  • There are many more details in the deal, and the war will not end without achieving all of our objectives. Don’t pay attention to the publications; there’s a lot of fake news going around. We will not give up on total victory.

(My opinion: It seems that we are witnessing deceit in high places, and it is easy to see that leaders would say, “Peace, peace, when there is no peace.”  At some point, world leaders will declare “Peace and safety,” but sudden destruction will come upon them. Jesus will break the second seal on the seven-sealed scroll, and peace will be removed from the earth; Jer. 6:14; I Thess. 5:3, Rev. 6:3-4. It is inevitable.)

(My opinion: Biden’s Security Council resolution is not a 7-year covenant, but he and others are obsessed with imposing a peace treaty on Israel, and it is inevitable that one will come into being at some point. As I write this, Biden has proposed that the U.S. sign a historic peace treaty with Saudi Arabia. It is not likely that it can pass the U.S. Senate if Saudi Arabia doesn’t normalize relations with Israel, and Saudi Arabia is not likely to agree to that if the world doesn’t recognize a Palestinian state in Gaza.)

(Update: On June 11, 2024, Hamas said they are ready to negotiate a hostage deal, but Israel must pull its troops out of Rafah.)

(Update: On June 12, 2024, it was reported that Hamas has turned down President Joe Biden’s ceasefire proposal unless it includes a permanent end to the war in Gaza that would guarantee Hamas’ survival.)

Nine, this week, representatives at a meeting of BRICS nations agreed that the UN is important, but it needs to be reformed.

10 Kings will rise before power is given to the Antichrist (#11).

59 nations plan to join the BRICS block this year, and they will no longer accept one nation (the U.S.) dominating the global economy.

A New World Order is inevitable.

Here is my daily update on the Israel-Hamas war.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024 (Day 244): The one hundred eighty-eighth day of the resumed war. Day 30 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Hezbollah sent an explosive-laden drone into Israel that killed an Israeli soldier and injured 10 others.
  • Following the Israeli assassination of a high-ranking Iranian official in Syria, an Iranian commander said Israel should wait for a response by Iran.

Thursday, June 6, 2024 (Day 245): The one hundred eighty-ninth day of the resumed war. Day 31 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Israeli troops reported that they had found the shaft to a terrorist tunnel inside a child’s bedroom in Rafah.
  • Amir Tsarfati said, “The Israeli government made it very clear that Israel’s conditions for ending the war have not changed. Hamas will perish.”
  • Israeli jets killed a senior Hamas commander in Rafah. They also killed the head of a Hamas terrorist group on the West Bank.
  • Israel killed several terrorists at a UNRWA school (the fifth time Israel has killed terrorists inside a UNRWA school).

Friday, June 7, 2024 (Day 246): The one hundred ninetieth day of the resumed war. Day 32 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Israel believes Sinwar, his brother, and his top assistant are still alive and hiding in a tunnel in Rafah with several hostages and some troops.
  • There are heavy bombings and fierce gun battles in Rafah.
  • The U.S. said it will have its damaged humanitarian aid pier repaired and ready for use in a few days.

Saturday, June 8, 2024 (Day 247): The one hundred ninety-first day of the resumed war. Day 33 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Israel rescued four hostages in Gaza.
  • Egypt and Jordan (2 nations mentioned in Psa. 83) condemned the raids at two separate locations that freed the hostages. The EU and UN condemned Israel for killing Palestinians during the attacks to free the hostages. One must wonder why they didn’t condemn Hamas for violating international law by holding civilian hostages. That is what made the raids necessary.

Sunday, June 9, 2024 (Day 248): The one hundred ninety-second day of the resumed war. Day 34 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Three of the four hostages that Israel rescued yesterday were being held in the home of an Al Jazeera reporter.
  • The father of one of the four hostages died of a heart attack just hours before Israel rescued his son. His body was found by those who visited to tell him about his son’s rescue.
  • The Israeli military said it is ready for a war with Hezbollah. (My understanding: The decision to go to war is a political decision, not a military decision.)
  • Israel’s primary opposition leader, Benny Gantz, withdrew his support for Netanyahu’s government, but Netanyahu will survive without him.

Monday, June 10, 2024 (Day 249): The one hundred ninety-third day of the resumed war. Day 35 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Hamas told terrorists who are holding Israeli hostages to kill their hostages if they think Israel is coming to release them.
  • Israel found and destroyed 80 bombs and the lab that made them in Israel.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 (Day 250): The one hundred ninety-fourth day of the resumed war. Day 36 of the attack on Rafah.

  • A booby-trapped building collapse killed 4 Israeli soldiers and injured 6.
  • 300 Israeli soldiers have now been killed in the Israel-Hamas war.
  • Hezbollah fired about 50 rockets into the Golan Heights from Lebanon.
  • Israel killed a senior Hezbollah commander in Lebanon.
  • Even though they are rich and can afford to do it, some Arab nations that criticize Israel’s treatment of Palestinians provide very little aid, if any, to the Palestinians.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 (Day 251): The one hundred ninety-fifth day of the resumed war. Day 37 of the attack on Rafah.

  • Hezbollah fired 3 barrages of missiles and rockets (perhaps 165 or more) from Lebanon into Israel.
  • Hezbollah vowed to intensify (in quantity, power, and quality) its rocket and missile attacks on Israel.

FYI: God does not send anyone to Hell (all of us are born with a sin nature and destined to go to Hell because we sin), but God has provided a way (Jesus) for everyone to go to Heaven (and He is the only way to get there; John 14:6).

Finally, are you Rapture Ready?

If you want to be rapture ready and go to heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you, and if you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner; believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead; ask Him to forgive your sins, cleanse you, come into your heart and be your Saviour; then tell someone that you have done this.

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