Warmest Christian greetings!

For more than four decades, the Pentecostal Theological Seminary has been committed to provide theological higher education for men and women engaged in Holy Spirit-filled ministry around the world. As we look to the future, one of our significant goals is to maintain connection with our constituency. It is with great delight I introduce a new PTS publication titled, SPIRIT. This is not just another periodical, magazine, communique, or report. It is a relevant, meaningful, informative, and inspirational publication designed to reach a broad spectrum of readers. The title, SPIRIT, is congruent with the PTS mission, vision, and commitment to Pentecostal studies.

Each edition will provide concentration of features including the following: thematic presentations; theological point of view; enrichment and leadership development; inspirational narrative; coaching and mentoring; special attention to showcase and profile PTS alumni; visionary outlook; and much more. Writers will include a wide variety of theologians, alumni, pastors, ministers, and youth leaders bringing global multicultural representation.

SPIRIT is primarily an online publication with the exception of the inaugural edition which will provide both printed and online versions. Each feature will be a quick-read and a quick-review of the entire edition. Further, an added cutting-edge component will be a variety of embedded videos enhancing the publication. You can access SPIRIT at or on the PTS website at

Let me encourage you to take a few moments and be enriched by SPIRIT!

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