Israeli chief rabbi indicted on corruption

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel has prosecuted previous Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger on debasement.

The prosecution documented Tuesday details gift, extortion and tax evasion for accepting unlawful gifts for administrations he led in his part as boss rabbi. Metzger is blamed for tolerating about $2.6 million in influences — keeping almost $2 million for himself while paying the rest to accessories and beneficent associations. He is blamed for benefitting from gifts coordinated to magnanimous reasons, and of taking fixes to influence his feeling on matters he chose as boss rabbi.

“The examination painted an acceptable picture as per which (Metzger) got fixes and unlawful trusts for a considerable length of time in return to utilizing his position and impact over issues like gifts, change to Judaism, rabbinic arrangements and additionally ties with business big shots in return for individual pick up,” the arraignment read, Ynet reported. Metzger finished his 10-year term as boss rabbi in July 2013. He was captured and scrutinized a month prior to his term finished and dischar

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