Leaked War Plans ‘Alliance Defense 2025’ Reveal That Germany Is Secretly Preparing For Russia To Start World War 3 Against NATO Allied Countries

Europe and Germany preparing for Russian leader Vladimir Putin to expand war in Ukraine and attack NATO ally countries in 2025 leaked docs ‘Alliance Defense 2025’ show

As we have long told you, when World War 3 actually starts, Germany will be a major player just as they were in the previous 2 world wars. And like in the other wars, Israel will be a central focus as well. World War 1 prepared the land for the Jews, World War 2 prepared the Jews for the land, and World War 3 will see them scattered until only a remnant remains.

Don’t think it will happen? You need to spend more time in The Book.

“Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:” Matthew 24:16 (KJB)

Whatever Russia is actually doing in Ukraine, you can bet it’s a mere set-up for what’s actually coming soon. Germany has a destiny to fulfill, as does Russia, as all those nations that are mentioned in the prophets do. World War 3 is coming as sure as you sit there reading this, and Germany will be ‘front and center’ for the third and last time.


Germany preparing for Russia to start World War 3, leaked war plans ‘Alliance Defense 2025’ reveal

FROM THE NY POST: According to the outlet — which obtained the classified military information from the German Ministry of Defense — the country’s armed forces are gearing up for a “hybrid” Russian attack in Eastern Europe. The newspaper detailed how multiple potential alarming scenarios could unfold in the months ahead.

One such scenario, dubbed “Alliance Defense 2025” would start this February, with Russia mobilizing an additional 200,000 soldiers.

Emboldened by Western financial support for Ukraine drying up, Russia would then launch a massive “spring offensive” against Ukrainian armed forces. The potential scenario outlines how Russia could start waging war in the Baltics by July using “severe cyberattacks” while stirring up discontent among Russian nationals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

By September, those clashes, the classified documents show, could then be used by Russia as an impetus to unleash “Zapad 2024,” a large-scale military ‘exercise’ that would amass some 50,000 Russian soldiers in the west of the country and Belarus. From there, the scenario describes, Russia could move troops and mid-range missiles to Kaliningrad, an 86-square mile Russian territory wedged between Lithuania and Poland, who are both NATO members.

According to the documents, Russia could bombard the region with propaganda warning of an imminent attack by NATO forces, with the ultimate goal of conquering an area known as the Suwalki Gap, a narrow Polish-Lithuanian corridor which lies between Belarus and Kaliningrad.

By December, according to the plot — a worst-case-scenario exercise — Russia could then take advantage of the transition period following the US presidential election and use propaganda, proclaiming fictional “border conflicts” or “riots with numerous deaths” to incite violence in the Suwalki Gap area and sow unrest, BILD reports.

Following a meeting of the UN Security Council in January 2025, Russia could then falsely accuse Western allies of plotting to move against Putin’s regime, which he could then use to rally troops to Belarus and the Baltics by March 2025.

The leaked document said in this scenario, 30,000 German troops would be deployed for defense, while an estimated 70,000 Russian forces would have amassed in Belarus. By May 2025, that build up could prompt NATO to enact “measures for credible deterrence” to prevent further Russian incursion, which translates as combat between Western troops and Russian forces. READ MORE

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