Long Forgotten Novels From 19-Century Author Ingersoll Lockwood Were Called ‘The Last President’ And ‘The Baron Trump’, How’s That For Conspiracy?

Ingersoll Lockwood wrote books called ‘The Baron Trump’ and ‘The Last President’, will this have anything to do with Barron Trump and his father the once and perhaps future president?

Chances are you know about a doomed ship called ‘The Titanic’, but you may or may not be familiar with a book from the 19th-century called ‘The Wreck of the Titan’. Titan was roughly the same size as the Titanic with about the same number of passengers, both ships were not provided with enough lifeboats for all of its passages, and half of the passengers died when it sank after hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean. Nearly identical, the novel came true. 19-century author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a book called ‘The Baron Trump’, a children’s book, and another called ‘1900, or The Last President’ about the end of America. Will these novels, like ‘The Titan’, also come to pass?

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 (KJB)

In the book ‘The Baron Trump’, the title character Trump is an aristocratically wealthy young man living in a place called Castle Trump on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Young Baron Trump has a mentor named Don, and the two of them take a trip to Russia where the course of his life will forever change. Just keep in mind this book was written in 1889, was the author time-traveling when he wrote this?

Hold that thought. Now, about last night…

Last night, Barron Trump made his debut of sorts, standing before a cheering crowd of 45,000 MAGA Republicans, in support of his father Donald Trump, the once and perhaps future president of the United States. Keeping in mind the relationship of the ship Titanic to the book called The Wreck of the Titan, what parallels can we draw between a book called ‘The Baron Trump’ and ‘The Last President’, written in the 19th-century, with what seems to be currently unfolding before us in 2024? I mean, from a statistical point of views, what would be the chances?

Visually, Barron Trump has striking features. He is very tall, quite handsome and has a serious ‘beyond his years’ expression on his face most of the time. From a conspiracy perspective, as the saying goes, the ‘kid is a natural’. Is he about to come onto the political scene, and if so, in what capacity? My mind races with the possibilities, how about you? Either way, we’re about to find out.

What is the political temperature in America right now? Right now confusion reigns from every outpost, the Democrats are in turmoil, the Republicans are in turmoil, and the 44th president of the United States recently released a movie about the American government declaring war on its citizens. If there ever was a time to write a book called ‘The Last President’, that time would be right now. Ingersoll wrote that book in 1896, right after he wrote a book called ‘The Baron Trump’. We are prepping an upcoming Podcast on this very intriguing and highly conspiratorial topic, stay tuned!

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