Love Makes Us Uncomfortable

The guy had no teeth on top. Sadly, I noticed that first. His cigarette dangled between gum and lip.

While my wife jogged into Walgreens, this guy eschewed dozens of other open spaces to squeeze his red coupe beside our Prius. His window stuttered down, and a mud-and-oil stained mitt poked out of the window to wave at my daughters in the backseat.

And then he began speaking. I couldn’t hear a word, but that didn’t stop him from mumbling around his cigarette, which was probably 80% ash. Smiling, I zipped the passenger-side window down and wondered what would compel him to speak to a complete stranger in a parking lot.

Gas mileage—he wanted to compare gas mileage. At least, that’s what opened the door for conversation. From there, I learned what he did (shoeing horses), found out how his work had hurt his back (bulging disk), saw a picture of his prized new jackdaw (had no clue either), and realized how much you can love a guy with no upper teeth. He was real.

Love is uncomfortable. God may put people there for you to love that don’t fit your ideal image of people you want to love. They could reek of smoke, have few teeth, or even have political views you don’t like.

But He loves them. Don’t let being uncomfortable prevent you from sharing that love.