Talking to my friend Cameron via email today.

Me: Why is this guy so negative?

Friend: He’s a Lutheran… he gets all the guilt of Catholicism without the 3rd party absolution. (rim shot)

This reminded me of a class I took at seminary where the local Lutheran pastor came in to speak to us.  Trying to appeal to us “low church” folks, he said the Lutheran liturgy was “streamlined”.  They didn’t have all of the “trappings” of Roman Catholic or Episcopal mass.  He quickly realized that much of what we all valued from liturgical churches, had pretty much been removed from his church in an effort to appeal to a broader base.   He tried to save himself by saying, “well…sometimes we still do that stuff.”

It was too late.

If you’re Lutheran, don’t get mad at me.  My church (small “c”) has its own problems.