Rev. Neil Steven Lawrence, M. Div.

Someone asked me this question: “I just read that BILL GATES new digital vaccine will be a liquid personal radio locator. Is this the Mark of the Beast?”

MY ANSWER: Cool. Now we know more about how the Mark of the Beast MIGHT operate. But no worries, you can’t receive the Mark of the Beast unless you worship the Beast (Rev. 13:16-18); at which time I believe the Beast worshipper will not only receive the Mark so they can “buy and sell” but also they will receive a demon. 

To solidify this idea, there is some reason why people who receive “the Mark” are not able to repent. I believe its because they are demon possessed by one of the demons who’ve been waiting a long time to control another being (made in the image of God – ie. mankind). Now they can follow Lucifer in their host body. Corollary to this is Lucifer will not send a chief demon to possess the anti-christ, but he will do it himself. So the real issue is not “the Mark” but the power behind the Mark.