Ministry To Children

Ministry To Children

Since it has already been shown that demon spirits are 
able to gain entrance to a fetus and to children, it is 
obvious that there should be deliverance for them. 
Demons can be called out of children in the same 
way they are called out of older persons. There will be 
manifestations of the spirits leaving through the mouth 
and nose as in other deliverances. 

Ordinarily, children are quite easily delivered. Since the 
spirits have not been there very long they are not as 
deeply embedded in the flesh. There are exceptions to 
this, as in the cases of children who have been exposed 
to demonic attack through severe circumstances. The 
manifestations of the demons can be quite dramatic, 
even in children. 

A young Christian couple brought their three month old 
child for ministry. This was their first baby and they 
had disagreed as to how to discipline the child. The 
father and mother had a violent argument over 
the matter. While they were having this argument the 
child began to scream, and since the incident it was 
apparent that the child was suffering from tormenting 
spirits. My wife held the child in her arms and began to 
command the troubling spirits to go in the name of 
Jesus. As the first spirit came out the baby stiffened and 
cried out. Two other demons came out in the same way. 
Then the child grew quiet and relaxed and was soon 


A little four year old girl received deliverance while 
looking at the pictures in a Bible Story Book. The Holy 
Spirit guided me as comments on the pictured would be 
woven smoothly into the identity of the spirits and 
command for them to come out. As each demon was 
challenged it would come up and out with a cough. Two 
other children in the same family, ages six and seven, 
were ministered to in an informal way. These older 
children had caused great consternation to the parents. 
They' were quite rebellious and unmanageable. 
Following their deliverance there was such a marked 
change in children's behavior that persons outside the 
family began to comment on the improvement they 

Most children by the age of five or six can be given a 
simple explanation of what you are going to do before 
you begin the ministry. They need to know that you are 
not talking to them but to the spirits in them, otherwise 
they may be offended or frightened by words of 
command addressed to the evil spirits. Usually the 
children are quite cooperative. 

Since the children may feel more secure with a parent, 
it is often best for the parent to hold the child during 
the ministry. The deliverance minister must discern 
reactions in the child attributable to the spirits being 
stirred up. The spirits may cause the child to resist 
being held. He may cry or scream and show signs of 
great fear. The demons may try various tactics to make 

one think it is the child being hurt or wronged, so that 
the minister and/or parent will become so sympathetic 
with the child that they will stop the ministry and the 
demons retain their hold. 

Especially in ministry with children it is well to 
remember the fact that it is not the loudness of a 
command that moves the demon but the authority of 
the name and of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The 
commands can be given with such calmness and 
matter-of-factness that the child will scarcely realize 
what is taking place. 

How do infants and children keep themselves free from 
the demons once they are delivered, since they are not 
competent to protect themselves? It is not the 
responsibility of the child but of his parents or 
guardians. I believe you will find in the scripture that 
when Jesus ministered to children one or both of the 
parents were present. It is the responsibility of parents 
to be the spiritual guardians of their children. 

The following account is given by my wife, Ida Mae, and 
will illustrate most of the factors involved in a child's 

Ida Mae Describes A 
Dramatic Child Deliverance 

The most graphic child deliverance I (Ida Mae) have 
ever had was that of a six year old girl. We will call her 
Mary. Mary's father came to us for deliverance. In the 
course of the interview he spoke of the difficulty 

he had in handling his daughter. He and his wife were 
divorced and he was raising the girl. He said that she 
was a most difficult child to handle, being very 
stubborn, self-willed and rebellious. He was quite 
concerned since her nature caused him to become so 
excessively angry that he would punish her too 
severely. We told him that the girl needed as much 
deliverance as he, if not more, and insisted that he 
bring her to us. 

Mary came to us directly from school a few days later. I 
need to point out that as I was getting acquainted with 
her and was explaining to her that I wanted to pray for 
her; she drank about a half a thermos of orange 
juice. She was very hyperactive, jumping on and off the 
church pew, absolutely unable, due to restlessness, to 
sit while we chatted. 

I said, "Mary, your father tells me that you know there 
are bad spirits."Her eyes widened and she began to tell 
me very seriously how every night she had to make 
sure all the doors were locked before she could 
go to bed. When she got up in the night to get a drink or 
go to the bathroom she was afraid and had to know 
personally that all doors were securely locked. I said, 
"Yes, that is fear, Mary. You have demons of fear in 
your body. They make you afraid and I want to pray for 
you and make them leave your body. They have gotten 
inside you and when I pray they will come out of your 
mouth and leave." She accepted my words with simple, 
child-like faith. 

I asked her to come sit on the bench beside me while I 
prayed. She did, but she was so restless that I had to 
take her on my lap to keep her near me. She sat on my 
lap with her back toward me. I began to pray a prayer 
of faith and trust that Jesus was going to set her free. 
The Holy Spirit very plainly told me to keep my voice 
very quiet... lower than a conversational tone. Also, to 
consider every word hereafter that came out of Mary's 
mouth to be a demon speaking or to be demon inspired, 

Then I began to address the demons. I said, "Now, you 
demons indwelling, Mary's body, I want you to know 
that Mary is covered by the blood of Jesus through her 
father's relationship to Jesus. Just as the father in the 
days of Moses sprinkled the blood on the doorpost for 
the protection of the entire family, so is Mary under the 
covering of the blood. Demons, I also want you to know 
that Mary's father has heard and accepted the truth of 
God's Word concerning you demon spirits. He knows 
now that it is you he has been struggling against and 
not Mary." 

I became aware that Mary was whispering and leaned 
around to see if I could catch what she was saying. She 
was whispering, "I don't like what you are saying." I 
replied, "I know you don't like it, demons, because I am 
exposing you and I have knowledge of you. Mary has 
been tormented by you from before she was born. 
While she was still in her mother's womb some of you 
entered her. But God has said you cannot indwell her 
body any longer." Again the demon in Mary began to 
whisper. This time in very tight-jawed defiant words 

they protested, "I... don't... like ... what... what... 
you ... are ... saying!" I was careful to keep my voice 
very quiet as I responded, "It's not going to get any 
better for you, demon, but worse because you are going 
to be cast out of her today. You are losing your home." 
At this the demon screamed out and again retorted, "I 
don't like what you are saying;now shut up!" I replied, 
"No, I shall not shut up but rather will continue to talk 
until you are out of her body." 

I continued speaking to the demons softly. "Now, one by 
one you demons start manifesting yourselves, in the 
name of Jesus." Immediately Mary began to say in a 
whisper, "You don't love me; if you did you wouldn't be 
holding me." I answered, "That's right, rejection demon, 
you shut her off from love relationships. You make her 
think nobody loves her. You even make her think God 
doesn't love her. You are going to come out of her, 
rejection, in the name of Jesus." One by one the demons 
began to manifest their nature. They came so quickly I 
often only had time to name one and another would be 
to the surface. 

The demons were making Mary struggle to get out of 
my lap although I was still able to hold her rather 
loosely in my arms. Eventually I had to resort to putting 
one of her legs between mine, thus holding her in 
a vise and bodily restraining her. The demon of hate 
put her face right up in my face with our noses 
touching and screamed, "I hate you.” Still speaking 
quietly laddressed the demon, "Come out, demon of 
hate.” She began to scream, “I want a knife, I want a 

knife.” I inquired. “What do you want with a knife?" 
The demon clenched Mary's teeth and said, "So 
I can kill you."' 'All right, you demon of murder," I 
commanded, "you come out in Jesus' name." 

Next, Mary stood up, threw her shoulders back, placed 
her hands on her hips and retorted, "Nobody EVER tells 
me what to do!" I said,"Defiance, you come out!" 

There was a distinct change in voice as the next demon 
spoke. It said, "I do only what I want to do." I said, "Self- 
will come out." Then there was another change in 
voice. "You will never make me come out", said the new 
voice. "Stubbornness, you have to come out too", I 
insisted. Mary then raised her hands like claws and 
lunged for my face; her eyes were protruding and she 
was screaming. I said, "Madness, you come out of Mary 
in Jesus' name." She began to claw her hair and shake 
her head violently. I said, "Mental illness and insanity, 
come out." Next I called for the spirit of schizophrenia. 
"You demons of schizophrenia, I call your hand. You 
bring out your two opposite personalities which you 
are establishing in her. One of you is rooted in rejection 
and self-pity and the other is rooted in rebellion and 
bitterness. Neither one of those personalities is the real 
Mary. I release and loose the real Mary to be what 
Jesus wants her to be." With this she clawed violently at 
me, scratching my arms, and lunging for me she bit a 
hole in my blouse. When she came up with part of my 
blouse in her teeth she looked very startled as though 
she expected me to slap her across the face. I could tell 
it was the real Mary who was startled. I addressed the 

demons and said, "No, demons, I shall not harm Mary 
for ruining my blouse because I can separate her 
from you. Too long Mary has been punished in her 
flesh for the things you have done through her. You 
demons have gone virtually untouched. 

It's different today; you demons are taking the 
punishment and Mary goes free." Mary looked relieved 
for a second, then the other demons began manifesting 

Finally, after about twenty or thirty minutes of this 
deliverance procedure Mary began to scream one long 
scream after another and beg to be turned loose. She 
would say, "Don't hold my leg! Don't hold my leg! The 
Holy Spirit gave me understanding that her flesh was 
now stirred up and that I should release her and have 
her sit on the bench beside me. I instructed, “Mary, I 
am going to let you sit on the bench. 

Okay?" She was crying softly and said, "I don't like for 
you to hold me like that." I said, "Well, I'm sorry I had to 
hold you so tight, but the bad spirits were making you 
fight me." I was always careful to put the blame on the 
demons. In her childish way she seemed to appreciate 
that they were finally catching the blame instead of 

Mary sat beside me for a little while and was very still 
and relaxed. The Holy Spirit told me that I should now 
give the command quickly for the remaining demons to 
come out. I said, "Now, in the name of Jesus, I command 

all demon spirits remaining in Mary to come out. Come 
out now in the name of Jesus!" 

Immediately Mary became sick at her stomach and 
before I could reach a paper towel she threw up a large 
ball of slime. It filled her little hands and mine. She 
looked up and faintly smiled and then just seemed to 
turn to peace all over. 

Remember, at the beginning of this account I stated that 
Mary was drinking a thermos of orange juice when she 
came for ministry. There was not a trace of juice in 
what she threw up. None of the slime came from her 

Well, we sat there and talked for about fifteen minutes. 
Mary sat quietly and relaxed, in contrast to the 
hyperactive nature she had shown earlier. 

Her father was astounded. He had watched the stormy 
deliverance with mixed and confused emotions. 
Unfamiliar with demon manifestations, and unable to 
distinguish the many different voices of the demons as 
my trained ear had done, Mary's father thought that the 
real Mary was being treated rather roughly and said 
that once it was all he could do to keep from 

Though I have not personally seen Mary since her 
deliverance I have received several good reports. Most 
say, "She's so different." "She just isn't the same." "I can 
hold her and she responds to love." "You just wouldn't 

believe she is the same girl. 

My eyes get moist even as I write this. She is the only 
deliverance that ever caused me to weep. The warfare 
was so tumultuous and the peace afterward so 
beautiful. I could not keep back the tears. To God be the 

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