Moderna Messenger RNA Combo Shot Puts COVID And Flu ‘Vaccines’ Together In Terrifying New Injection That No Human Being Should Ever Consider Taking

Moderna on Monday said its combination vaccine that targets both Covid-19 and the flu was more effective than existing standalone shots for those viruses in a late-stage trial.

I am 63 years old, and to date have never taken a COVID shot, and have never taken a flu shot either, and never will. Over the years we’ve done many stories on the dangers of the flu shot, but the number of victims for that pales in comparison with the number of victims that the COVID shots have claimed. Messenger RNA technology is not safe, and there is no incentive on this earth that could compel or entice me to try it. The 3,000,000 dead people who took COVID mRNA injections during the Pandemic are not wrong about its safety or efficacy. Moderna wants to put mRNA in everything, you’ve been warned.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 (KJB)

So now they’ve taken a bad thing, the flu shot, and combined it with a worse thing, the COVID shot, to create the perfect zombie knock-out punch that they want to inject inside your body. To me, just the mere mention of mRNA evokes grim memories of people dying by the tens of thousands, in a modern-day biochemical holocaust from Big Pharma. I don’t trust any of them, they are not worthy of your trust, and they will continue lying about their products until someone puts them out of business. We are hearing reports now of people who went to the hospital for a certain type of shot, and were given a COVID shot along with it without their consent. Don’t let that be you. Just say no, to all of it.

Moderna’s combination Covid, flu vaccine is more effective than existing shots in late-stage trial

FROM NBC DFW: The biotech company is the first to release positive phase three data on a Covid and flu combination shot, giving it a potential lead over rival vaccine makers Pfizer and Novavax. Moderna plans to file for regulatory approval for its combination jab this summer in the U.S. and hopes it can enter the market in 2025, the company’s CEO Stephane Bancel said in an interview.

Moderna’s messenger RNA combination shot, called mRNA-1083, is made up of both the company’s vaccine candidate for seasonal influenza and a newer, “next-generation” version of its Covid shot. Both of those experimental vaccines – mRNA-1010 and mRNA-1283 – have shown positive results in separate phase three trials.  The ongoing late-stage trial on mRNA-1083 examined the combination shot in 8,000 patients.

The study compared the combination shot with an enhanced flu vaccine called Fluzone HD and Moderna’s currently licensed Covid shot, Spikevax, in one group of patients ages 65 and above. The trial also compared Moderna’s combination jab with a standard flu shot called Fluarix and Spikevax in another group of participants between the ages of 50 and 64.

In both age groups, a single dose of Moderna’s combination vaccine produced “statistically significantly higher” immune responses against three strains of influenza and the Covid omicron variant XBB.1.5.

Moderna said the safety of the combination shot, along with how well patients could tolerate it, was acceptable. The most common side effects were injection site pain, fatigue, muscle pain and headache. The majority of those effects were mild to moderate in severity.

Moderna is also developing a combination shot targeting the flu and RSV, and another vaccine targeting all three respiratory viruses: Covid, flu and RSV.

Meanwhile, Pfizer and BioNTech also are studying a vaccine that targets both Covid and the flu in a late-stage trial. Novavax is developing a combination for those viruses as well, but its Covid shot uses protein-based technology. READ MORE

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