Motivations for Preaching I listened to a COG pastor (inactive…

Motivations for Preaching

I listened to a COG pastor (inactive for the time being) share some of his thoughts after some serious introspection regarding his motivations for preaching. He listed three motivations for the subjects he used to preach on.

1. He wanted people to pay their tithes.
2. He wanted people to submit to him.
3. He wanted people to applaud what he said.

He said he used to preach a lot about God being the source of ‘blessing.’ He also shared various other character flaws he had, that he believed the Lord had disciplined him over.

He said that there was a man who helped him, who discipled him. This man wasn’t a pastor, and was even younger than he was. He’d come to meet with him. The pastor thought he was after something. This pastor was also a wealthy businessman. But he believed the Lord had called him to do this. So he’d meet with him, talk with him, and pray with him, even bringing his little child under an umbrella in the rain to come meet with him. One time, the man prayed for him, and the Lord dealt him about some things and he cried like a baby.

Anyway, it’s always good to examine our hearts and our motives and ask the Lord to help us with our examination.

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