Nothing but the best…price

“In theory there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.” _Yogi Berra


Imagine with me that you were in the market for a new television and being the smart person you are, you did some research and determined which television was the best available.

Next imagine with me that you get in your car and drive over to your favorite television-selling store and laid your hard earned money down and purchased that best television.

Then you drive that best television back to your home, get it out of the box, connect a few wires, tweak this and tweak that and soon your room is filled with real life images and surround sound that makes you feel you were there (wherever there is).

Stay with me here, there is a point to this (and its not that I am a television salesman).

Now imagine with me that an hour or so after you had made your transaction that you were browsing on the internet for a few grocery items and on a whim you looked up the television that you had just brought (you know, the best one) and your observe an identical television like the one you just brought for 200.00 less! Wow, bummer!

Using Yogi Berri’s logic, in theory you still have the very best television, but in practice you paid to much for it.

People make these kind of transactions every day.

For example, I once watched a man lose his family in his pursuit of being the best at softball.

Everyday there are people with the very best of intentions, people like pastors, bread-winners, champions of great causes, public servants and so many more – who are out there striving to be the best…but they are paying too high a price.

The ONE THING for today: Everything you do comes with a price–even the best things. The goal is to pay the price that matches the return. Get it right and you win, get it wrong and you lose, even if it is “the best.”