Now is all that matters…for now…

“The beginning is always NOW.” ― Roy Bennett


Now is all that matters…for now.

All that noise you’re hearing…the signs from the past and the worries about the future…if there is any hope for things to get better now is the time.

Now is all that matters…for now.

Right now may not be that great but now is all you’ve got…for now.

Of course we can hope and pray for better days, but let’s not waste now!

This moment,,,

Right now…


Like focusing a pair of binoculars, let’s narrow our focus down to today, to this moment, to right now and make the choices, speak the words, do the deeds that will pave the way for a better future.

The future may be really uncertain and unclear, but we do have this clarity…this certainty…

We have now and that is all that matters…for now.

The ONE THING for today: There are no “throw away” days. Now is all we’ve got…for now. Let’s make it count.