October 2, 1915 Evangel A. J. Tomlinson wrote an article…

October 2, 1915 Evangel A. J. Tomlinson wrote an
article calling sanctification “A Distinctive Experience” He answered the question “is sanctification subsequent to Regeneration”? This is a declaration of the Church’s view for the past fifteen years. In 1936 D.C. Barnes wrote two articles about false accusations and despisers of sanctification.

In April and May 1937 Sam C. Perry wrote two articles, “New Birth” and “The Christian Life.” In both articles he said the new birth brings brings spiritual life into the soul without any mention of sanctification.

M.S. Lemons (April 10, 1937) wrote, “Getting Back into Goshen” without any mention of sanctification.

This indicates the departure from a definite work of sanctification of a progressive work in regeneration.

In 1943 D. C. Barnes writes a five part Evangel article about “Predestination” Indeterminism and Predestination – part I, Limited Predestination – part II, Dispensational Predestination – part III, The Absolute” -part IV, Dispensational Representations – part V. Jacob and Esau are dispensational representations.

All these articles are long and the Barnes articles are particularly long. I read and re-read Barnes’s articles and it occured to me that this is “open Theism” and the Evangel recently had an article by Mike Chapman espousing the same theme.

It is unquestioning Progressive Salvation as promoted by modern Calvinism and akin to Donald Bowdle’s Keswick Reformed beliefs. It is more Assembly of God than Church of God and it was coming from the COG Evangel as early as the 30′ and 40s.

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