On Sunday We Rolled Out The Long-Awaited NTEB Jukebox On Spotify Containing Songs From Our Beloved Playlist From 12 Years Of Broadcasting

We have talked about an NTEB Jukebox for quite some time now, and on our Sunday Service yesterday we finally rolled it out!

We have long talked about creating an NTEB Jukebox containing all the beloved hymns and Christian songs we play all the time on our Bible studies, Podcasts and Sunday Services, but the right combination of technology that the vast majority of people could use didn’t seem to be there. Until now. Yesterday we launched the official NTEB Jukebox on Spotify, and the response was amazing.

Sing unto the LORD, all the earth; shew forth from day to day his salvation.” 1 Chronicles 16:23 (KJB)

So far, we have loaded over 5 solid hours of continuous music, with new songs being added daily, all songs which you will instantly recognize if you are a regular listener to our broadcasts. You won’t find any Hillsong or Bethel music, but what you will find are the rock-solid hymns of the faith, some from the past and some quite recent. Thousands of listeners access our NTEB Bible Radio on Spotify, so putting the jukebox there seemed to be a natural fit.


There are two ways to access the NTEB Jukebox. First, you can simply go to any article our site, and down where the comment section is, you will see this beautiful NTEB blue player. Just click on any song and enjoy! Second, you can download the Spotify app to your mobile device, and access it that way. The app is free, but you will hear commercials. Signing up for the basic subscription will remove the ads. (NTEB does not have any financial interest in the app.) Once you have the app installed, just search for the NTEB Jukebox and add it to your playlists. You will now be able to listen to these amazing songs from anywhere, any hour of the day or night.

We are thrilled to finally be able to make this available, and we hope and pray this music will be a blessing to you. Enjoy!

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