On this page the question often comes up about when…

On this page the question often comes up about when and in what sequence does sanctification happen and if and when should everyone speak in tongues. I came across this statement by Alan Watts; ” spiritual things cannot be defined, they are always just outside of human understanding.”
Then Watts goes on to say that words and concepts have certain meanings but time and further enlightenment change understanding and causes us to have to reevaluate our thinking. Our forefathers lived in a time when they thought all spiritual mysteries could be explained; ie, how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. In 1949 when I came into the CoG not much had changed in the Appalachian mountains of East Tenn. But in the past 2/3rds.century knowledge has doubled every two to five years and we must live by faith even more than then because mystery and the unknowable has increased as well.
So who is sanctified? I have met many people in and out of the CoG that seemed to me totally set apart unto God and I have met a small percentage of people who seem empowered and led by the spirit. Ask someone; what day did you fall in love with your wife or husband? Most cannot give you the date or the hour but there is evidence that they are in love.

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