ourCOG a SITE is BORN (A Decade Later)

ourCOG a SITE is BORN (A Decade Later)

ourCOG.org was launched on 18 October, 2010 at 06:08 AM

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“To my knowledge, no other Christian denomination has built anything quite like this,” Williams stated. “We are excited about the possibilities of what this new initiative holds and invite everyone who enjoys social media and conversation to be part of the discussion.” Williams noted that this platform will give voices to whoever wants their story to be heard, from a rural church that is celebrating a particular milestone, to world-wide events that concern the denomination. It is hoped that the site can become a vehicle for discipleship and evangelism, through refreshing and engaging dialogue about spiritual matters.

It was the 2009 humble effort of a few internet enthusiasts to create the #ourCOG web initiative as foundation for a social media platform where ideas could be freely exchanged with prayer and supplication for one another. Over 13 years later, as this vision has been realized and embraced internationally, its power for transformation and transparency will continue to reconnect local communities around the globe. Now, it is time to tell the story… The whole Story!

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