ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): Travis Johnson on #ourCOG

ourCOG TAKEOVER (A Decade Later): Travis Johnson on #ourCOG

ourCOG.org was launched on 18 October, 2010 at 06:08 AM

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How much is each family member valued and respected when only a “select few” get to give opinions on a beta test?? I could see and understand IF the “select few” were the professionals that were giving feedback, instead of taking the word of amateurs…

A handful of people were brought in to begin the process of readying a a denominationally-built platform, which will unify denominational content and end-user content and provide engagement around that content. The “select few” are necessary when beta testing anything. And, that beta test group grows until launch. The same exact thing happened here on Actscelerate when Shaun built it.

Are you a professional web designer, social media/networking or even micro-blogging expert?
If not, this isn’t the problem, but if you ask 50 novice/amateurs to define what Social Networking is… you will get close to 50 different answers. Do you agree??
HOWEVER, If you ask 50 professional experts the same question..

The beauty of social media is that amateurs and pros are on the same footing. Matt Drudge stands on equal footing with CBS. Doyle Daugherty is on equal footing with the COG. I am on equal footing with Doyle. So, is Uthdude2000 for that matter (though, ‘d say you have an advantage posting anonymously… and, I’m at a deficiency not knowing who I’m talk to). Anyway, when it comes to social media, the ballfield is pretty level. Of course, systems can be made that would stifle engagement. The COG can do that. Doyle can do that.

But, no one owns the right to communicate.

Doyle owns actscelerate. But, he doesn’t own engagement. The denomination owns it’s platform. The COG doesn’t own engagement. Dony Donev owns ourcog.org. The COG owns ourcog.com. But, neither he nor the COG owns the #ourcog hashtag or engagement. I don’t own the engagement. Tom Sterbens and I own MissionalCOG.com. We own thousands of email contacts associated with Missional COG. We don’t own the engagement.

The platform that the COG is building by way of experts like Whiteboard Network (Eric Brown and Taylor Jones are truly exceptional) and the Alderma Group is honorable and an assignment of value for social engagement and access to our church. You see money spent on engagement as wasteful. I don’t. I see that as the path forward to connect people with the Mission of the Church in community. This is good. My guess is that as the COG grows in understanding the value of this beautiful kind of community and engagement, the more the structure of our fellowship will vibe in this arena.

Further, spanning the whole globe with flights and intermittent camp meetings and rallies is expensive work. Connecting the globe with daily interaction, good content, theologically sound content, connectivity, and denominational engagement with even the most obscure outpost is wise stewardship, smart, and in keeping with the identity of the Church.

I’ve reached out to Dony via email and twitter. I believe Clark Campbell did previously. I think he should be engaged and honored. I admire him a great deal. Members of the group I met with do as well. He is a pioneer and catalytic in helping to shape our denominational platform. Doyle is as well. What Doyle has done with Actscelerate is unparalleled. I honored him in our meeting with the Executive Committee and the Social Media group….

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