Pastor Eloy Gomez from the Church of God in Katy,…

Pastor Eloy Gomez from the Church of God in Katy, TX went to check his church this afternoon and found 2 feet of water inside the sanctuary. They lost everything. Several Hispanic congregations have families who must be evacuated here in the city of Houston. A whole family came to my house walking for 6 blocks with the water at the level of the chest. They left their house with more than one foot of water inside. We have over 20 Hispanic God’s Churches in Houston. Because the streets can not be transited we are having services in the homes, family altar, and we connect through Facebook Live. We have had these home services every day since last Saturday with more than a thousand people connected. The Spirit of God continues hovering over the waters. Please pray for Houston. Idd Esperanza de Vida/ Hope of Live Church of God, Church of God South Houston District


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