Perry STONE: Apologetic and Prophetic

Perry STONE: Apologetic and Prophetic

EXPOSING THE SERPENT’S STRATEGY! Hang with me on this one. We all know that Satan’s strategy is to stop the voices of anyone who has a “now” Word from God. At times our battles are both uninvited and self-inflicted, of which I have experienced both. However, what Pam and I have seen recently is fully Satanic in purpose.

In 1990 or so, I was in Romania when Communism had fallen. A woman came up to me that had a vision while I was preaching. She said, “You are shaking the realm of prince spirits with your preaching, and two things will happen in the future; a huge prince spirit will attack you and will try to dirty your hands to shut your mouth, and a spirit of sickness will attack you at me time trying to kill you.” We traveled five hours to another city, preaching in a church, and another old saint (a female) came up to me with the same Word. These two godly females did not know one another. We recently learned that someone confessed to a “take me out” several years ago.

Notice the timing. We received a call at the end of April that during the first three weeks of April, the Manna-Fest telecast had broken the record of viewers for Christian television in the history of three major networks. The audience included viewers ages 20 to 30, with numbers on the Nielsen Ratings never seen before by one network. Second, the online viewers watching and hearing the Word in April was higher than any in history. Just when people needed the Word the most, bang – we are hit from every side, and I am side-lined because of issues that needed to be addressed (thank God) and my and the condition of my health.

When I collapsed (which most people don’t know) and began dealing with my self-inflicted stupidity, I remembered the predictions of these two older women from Romania 30 years ago! They both saw a principality spirit behind the attacks, and I knew that I was not wrestling against flesh and blood (people) but the spirit world.

One of my spiritual daughters contacted Pam about the dream of that huge snake. She remembered my dad’s vision of two strong spirits saying they were angry over a revelation I was teaching (the Islamic link with the Antichrist – which no prophetic minister was teaching). Dad overheard their strategy, and it was to shut my mouth and try to destroy me. Dana (my spiritual daughter) said “Pam, there is a closed-door in Perry’s dream and there is one more revelation God has for him that will shake Satan’s kingdom, and Satan himself does not want Perry to get to it and wants him silenced, but the DOOR WILL OPEN in God’s time, in the future! Pam told me this, and I started shaking in the Holy Spirit, and I mean some old school shouts your hair down shaking.

I am upset with myself for not using wisdom, not having proper discernment, being too busy to pay attention, letting my guard down at times, and allowing myself to be manipulated. That’s my fault. However, Dana said in the future; God would open that closed door that was above the stairs (see the video below and dream) to reveal this final end-time revelation that the enemy does not want to be made public. I do believe that. I am following the discipline of my board and accountability team and not speaking or traveling. But know this. I am determined by God’s grace to do everything through HIS power to be restored the Bible way and return like Samson, seeing more results in the end than in my whole ministry combined! God is for me, and Jesus is with me, and the Holy Spirit is strong in my spirit. Your prayers will help birth the last Joel 2 revival because God’s promises can be delayed but will not be denied!!! And the Ramp-Cleveland at OCI will be the HUB of what God is going to do. And now, I have Samuel and Rick to help me exercise, get in shape, and get back in the ring!

Feel free to re-post this to your friends and keep praying. We know various attacks from the outside are not over, but God told me in a private 3 1/2 hour prayer meeting not to attack back but keep silent and in a certain number of months exactly what He will do. I have learned that people think they have a free pass to do and say whatever they want to attack others, but God heard them, wrote down their words in heaven, and God Himself will eventually go to war. Keep praying and keep the faith. Four of us ministers are going to my favorite breakfast place and a prayer road trip!


CASHLESS IS COMING. There is a series of House bills planned on being presented, moving the United States into digital currency, and the population will be forced to access a “digital wallet.” This will eventually remove cash from circulation, and one part of the bill states that once the digital “currency” is set up through the banks, the fiat money is to be destroyed.

I have (because of an assignment) been traveling in several states and have noticed “no change – use credit or debit cards” signs in many shops, from here to the west. In Nashville, we ordered food, and cash was not accepted as payment; only a bank card. I have a list of companies now preparing for this very type of transition, all cashless. There is a rumor spread that the virus remains on paper money. Therefore, 40% of American’s are now are hesitant to handle cash! (Yet, if this were true then everyone would be sick from touching cash). So wash your hands!

A program called ID2020 is part of this process, which involves everyone who would be forced to receive a unique clear tattoo that can be scanned with all of your information, including health data, and can continually read your fever. Eventually, everything about your life will be controlled, and your car can be shut off by access (some can now), you can be locked out of your home, and access to your money. The only people who seem to understand what this is leading to, are older Christians who have studied prophecy. And sadly, many of them are passing away, leaving behind a generation of ignorant individuals.

Without going into details, we are at the forefront of major events that are playing out with the culture wars, virus disasters, and the printing of currency that will lead America into either inflation, deflation, or hyperinflation. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been preparing you with information for years, warning you of these times of which we are heading.

We must focus on the harvest and the final revival and not be distracted by people or circumstances. Because of the times, I am releasing a new prophetic book available on Manna-Fest in a few months, called, The Final Ciphers! Be watching in October for this all-new release.

Watch from Ramp Cleveland – at OCI tonight (July 28th) as I will be sharing some vital information with you. Also, please see the message I shared yesterday, here on Facebook. Thank you for your prayers. They are having an impact. I will only be occasionally posting on Facebook for the next month or so.

P.S. Partners, I did several new video updates for the Strike Force page that will be available to view the beginning of August.

Greetings to all who are a part of our Facebook community!

As you know, I have been absent for the past several months from social media. The Lord has helped me through many battles, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, as I have spent much time alone with Him and with my family, omitting all ministry forms to focus on a personal restoration; and an extended sabbatical at this season.

A brief update. Tomorrow, July 28th, at Ramp Cleveland at the OCI building, I will be addressing the congregation and the internet audience, giving a few updates and some important details related to the recent transition. You can attend or log on to watch. The minister preaching this Tuesday will be the new Ramp Cleveland’s director, an amazing man of God, a strong, loving, and caring leader with much wisdom and anointed, fiery minister!

As my accountability team allows me to begin returning to some forms of social media slowly, I will be presenting a few prophetic updates and things the Lord has put in my spirit during the past three months, beginning in August. Also, I have a few mini updates coming for the Partner Strike Force. However, I will continue the sabbatical away from the pulpit ministry for several more months. I have enjoyed the relief from the daily stress, care, and continual pressure I was under in the past, from operating three ministries. Thank you for the prayers, your continued support for VOE. Especially those who have demonstrated true friendship by showing the family and me that your love was not conditional, but as God’s love, unconditional in the good and the hard times. The Stone family thank you and appreciate you all very much.

Recharging to get ready to run again,

Perry Stone, Jr.

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