Refugees Joining Together for Bible School

There are around 500,000 South Sudanese refugees in Uganda who have fled from war and famine. Dispersed throughout several camps are Christians, Muslims, and people who normally would not be living in close proximity. Among them are South Sudan Church of God leaders and pastors.

It’s here, in these camps, that the pastors got together and had the idea to teach the Bible and theology.

As horrible as their situation is, it’s an opportunity that they are wanting to take advantage of. Since South Sudan is rural, it can be hard to travel to many places. This can limit spreading the gospel, building churches, and having seminaries. Now, since the war spilled nearly everyone out together, the people who are hard to connect with and get to are now side-by-side in these camps.

World Missions Board Member Carolyn Dirksen has been involved with this project.

“[The school] is more doable than it sounds because they will meet in this church that’s made of sticks tied together with rope,” Dirksen said.  “They get a stick and think ‘Yes! This could be part of a wall of a church.’”

They have buildings they can use for the classes and their situation simplifies the need to build new schools or have recruitment teams. Bible studies and child-friendly studies are currently taking place.

Their long-term vision is to, when they return home to South Sudan, have a great army of people who are trained in the Bible and theology to strengthen the Church there.

The Bible school is still getting funding and logistics together to officially launch. This is a project that is short-term and that donors can see accomplished tangibly and soon.

Project #152-9215