REPENT OR YOU DIE (EZEKIEL 18 vs 30-32) God is…

(EZEKIEL 18 vs 30-32)
God is a merciful God who do not want sinners to die but He want them to realize their sins and repent from them all. But its unfortunate that some people have realized their sins and refused to repent and God is asking why do you want to die? The wages of sin is death, any soul that refuse to repent shall die. The end of all sinners is in the lake of fire where the warms that eat them never die. (Revelation 21vs8), (Mark 9vs46), (Isaiah 66vs24). They will shout ,they will cry, they will sustain endless pains forever. No hope of second chance. That is why God is patient with us, He doesn’t want us to end up in hell fire but he want us to repent from our sins and live forever with Him. If you want to escape death, follow the commandments of God. If you are not living a righteous life, repent, no time. Christ is coming very soon. May God help us in Jesus name.

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