Repost: Ministry NOT for Sale

Repost: Ministry NOT for Sale

not-for-sale.jpgMy son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not (Proverbs 1:10)

Several years ago, while employed with a certain organization, we faced the dilemma to choose between what was morally right and what was financially secure. Regardless of the jeopardy of this predicament, we were able to make the right decision, preserving our integrity and disallowing financial pressure to dictate our moral choices. Soon thereafter, we initiated a healing process which dealt with the internal wounds, restored the lost trust and attempted to recover the invested time and resources. Years past, we forgot the pain, but never forgot the lesson we learned …

Recently, while involved in a global ministry campaign, we were faced with a similar situation. This time, however, it did not involve business partners, but a multitude of Pentecostal ministers. The larger size of the context did not change the problem at hand, but rather intensified and multiplied its harmful effects. We regretfully witnessed how hundreds of men and women involved in ministry were manipulatively forced to face the same dilemma. They had to make a mandatory choice between the financial security of their families and their own moral integrity. The results were accordingly.

If this was a situation plotted by secular individuals, it would have been easier to understand and embrace it as resistance or even as persecution. Yet, when such dynamics are preplanned and executed by people within the church, a stand must be taken. The church can no longer be run as a private business or as a social club. Neither ministry, nor ministry resources are ours to trade as monetary value. They are not to be used to indulge our own “leadership” eccentricity. We are but stewards of a Heavenly property, and we will answer before the Owner of all. True Biblical leadership is measured by values much higher than the “selling and buying.” Although we live in the 21st century, when moral values are diminished, the Heavenly Call still must be answered with integrity. Because the ministry which He has given costs more than thirty pieces of silver, today we declare “Ministry is not for sale.”

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