Retarded Clippy of the Future.

The entirety of this post is a quote from Brian Jacob, fearing that his tagging on Wordsmitherd could be detrimental in the future.


I am afraid that many years from now, when the remnants of what we consider modern civilization have been lost and are being dug up, they're gonna uncover a huge box and find out that it was something that in the early 21st century was called a "server."

They're gonna fire that bad boy up and the only recoverable information will be "Wordsmitherd." And when that happens, they're gonna see that this guy "Brian Jacob" was tagged several times, and they'll read it. They're gonna use it to try to unlock the mysteries of common life in the early 21st century.

First of all, they're going to make the mistake of thinking that Wordsmitherd is an accurate representation of life today... which it is not. And second of all, they're gonna find this post about typing like a rhino.

Then, they're gonna wonder, "What is typing?" Second of all, they're going to try to figure out what the "internet" is, because I'm sure by that time, they'll all just think crap and everything will be connected via implants in their minds.

Finally, if they rediscover ancient technology for a museum and recreate it, similarly to how we recreate weapons of neanderthals and early iterations of the wheel, they're going to recreate a computer with a word processor, and I will be the little "Clippy" saying "Don't type like a rhino!" And this is why I fear my tagging on Wordsmitherd.

This is why, hopefully one day, when I'm a billionaire (in my wild dreams of course) I pray that I will be smart enough or good enough to at least accidentally say intelligent or wise things from time to time. I want a scribe that I hire to follow me around all day, simply because I have superfluous sums of money, and have him write down my words of wisdom in a tome, which will hopefully be preserved alongside of the server that is discovered.

Therefore, I will be able to eliminate this mass confusion that I am the retarded Clippy of the future.