Safari Sheep Sharing

Safari Sheep Sharing

Marcia Anderson, Missionary teacher in Kenya, has loved telling you about all the places where the Shepherd has led her, the exploits He has done on her behalf, and the tender ways He has led and guided her. For 27 years, she has been sharing about the “sheep” the Lord has given her as an “under-shepherd.”

For nearly 10 months, Marcia has been closing out her Safari chapter of sheep sharing in Kenya. She had a wonderful time of reconnecting with many people in the US when she itinerated one last time. Since then, though, she has had the privilege of reconnecting with Filipinos in Abu Dhabi. After briefly stopping in Germany for more visits, she returned to Fairfield, Ohio, to share her sister’s home.

Marcia’s current project is to help retired missionary Arlene Miller write her memoirs entitled: Encountering God in the Muslim World: The Life Story of Missionary Arlene Miller. Arlene was a missionary in Aboud, Palestine, for 20 years, later teaching people for 17 years how to reach Muslims for Christ in South America. She became bedridden nine years ago after a fall which did severe nerve damage.

In addition, Marcia will be resuming work on a commentary on 1 Samuel that she began two years ago. She doesn’t want to end her Sheep Sharing but will continue to contact those who so desire on her mailing list. Several individuals have stated how much they enjoyed her “ramblings” over the years. If you want to remain on her list or be removed from her list, contact her at

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