Searching through some Church of God online sermons, I heard…

Searching through some Church of God online sermons, I heard one of the pastor’s say that in recent months several young men in his congregation had been called to preach.That got me to thinking about all the churning questions one has in trying to validate that call and to enter into it with the least amount of disruption possible. Of course colleges and seminaries have been built trying to answer the many questions within that central question.
Yet today in my old age, I thought of a question that should be written out and placed inside the flyleaf of your main bible. That question is; What can I do or say that will add value? By this I mean to my own life, to my spouse and to my children. Secondly ask what can I do to add value to that little congregation that I am being called to? Visualize in your mind a church of 50 people of all ages and then ask yourself; What can I say or do that will enhance their lives? Then along the way you will need to ask that same question about your denomination.
Trying to answer this three pronged question may be overwhelming at first but if you work at it one bite or thought at a time you will find yourself coming up with the right answers.

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