Since I first learned about the COG evangelist, Matt Hartley…

Since I first learned about the COG evangelist, Matt Hartley and the mighty revival in the Delbarton, WV area, it has been on my mind. The harvest of souls there is about the same number that we read about in Acts. Later in Acts we read that they were scattered and for another reason the souls in W V may scatter also. But now there is technology and a denominational infrastructure that might be able to keep the flock together , grow them in the Lord and even to help them in the geographical and economical environment in which they live.
Perhaps the state AB could organize a team to follow up, to identify everyone touched by the flame of revival and to help them stay in touch with each other. A closed facebook page could be one means, house churches could be formed for those who live beyond the immediate city. There could be a newsletter and/or a team of visitors who call on as many of the homes as possible. Surely if everything is done right people will still be receiving blessings for generations to come. You may have your own ideas of how to preserve this mighty harvest.

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