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Social-Media-Site2[1]General Overview

Tech Briefings are free, informal, and interactive seminars led by knowledgeable IT Services staff or other IT professionals on computer-related topics of interest to the Stanford community. Tech Briefings are held every Friday from 2:00 to 3:30 PM in Turing Auditorium (Polya Hall, Room 111). No registration is required.

How to Improve Your Social Media Security

Does social networking breach the walls of your network security? As social media permeate the business world, the need to defend against data leakage and malware grows more urgent. Maybe your company already does “social business,” recognizing that blogs, Twitter, and YouTube are vital to its sales and brand. Most likely, your employees do social networking. Social media sites are great ways to communicate. But if you’re not careful they can open the door to serious security threats to your users and your organisation.

Toolkit contents

Incorporating feedback from over 50 IT Managers, the toolkit gives you a range of resources to help explain the security risks associated with social media use and advise how to stay safe.

[x] Top tips for using social media safely
[x] Safe passwords video
[x] Avoid phishing video
[x] Social media threats presentation
[x] Social media statistics and real life examples presentation
[x] Threatsaurus: A-Z of computer and data security threats
[x] Example social media security policy
[x] Business implications of social media threats presentation
[x] Security threat report

MSS Bulletin Advance Notification

As part of the monthly security bulletin release cycle, Microsoft provides the Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Service. This advance notification is intended to help our customers plan for effective deployment of security updates, and includes information about the number of new security updates being released, the software affected, severity levels of vulnerabilities, and information about any detection tools relevant to the updates.

To help customers prioritize the monthly security updates with any non-security updates on Microsoft Update (MU), Windows Update (WU), and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) being released the same day, the bulletin advance notification also provides information about:

[x] Updated versions of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
[x] Non-security, high-priority updates on Microsoft Update, Windows Update, and Windows Server Update Services

Note that the bulletin advance notification will only provide information about non-security, high-priority updates that are released the same day as the security updates. The bulletin advance notification does not provide information about non-security updates released on other days. The bulletin advance notification is normally made available three business days before the regular security update release on the second Tuesday of the month. Upon release of the security updates, the bulletin advance notification is replaced by the security bulletin summary, which is the definitive announcement of the security update release for the month.

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