Some Basic Principles Of Demonology

(1) There are such things as demons.
(2) These are beings with distinct personalities.
(3) They are active throughout the human population.
(5) They are organized under leaders with Satan as their head.
(6) They have considerable supernatural powers to execute their wicked desires.
(7) They have been defeated by Jesus’ Blood, and they are vulnerable to confrontations empowered by the Holy Spirit.
(8) Demons are rulers of darkness. Their authority comes from darkness. So, expose them and identify them, and remove their darkness.
(9) Demons are legalists; they cling to their legal rights. Curses are legal grounds for demons in people. So is a person’s choosing to sin.
(10) Demons today have no authority whatsoever except as given to them expressly by Christ Jesus and/or by human will!
(11) For every sin, there is a demon of it.
(12) Demons have both proper and functional names.
(13) Demons know what you know and what you don’t.

All demonic influence exists because the person involved allows it! Often we allow it because we think it to be normal for us, or it to be an inevitable part of our humanness, or that we seem to have no other choice. But also often we allow it by choice: we desire the pleasures (however distorted and/or masochistic they may be) of the particular sin or sins which are at the heart of the demonically-reinforced dark patterns of our thinking.

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