Something caught my eye on the new page about the…

Something caught my eye on the new page about the General Counsel Agenda. Under ordained bishops and # 4 under rationale ; including the giving of the title of bishop to as young as 25 ( who have met certain qualifications ) ” to keep young ministers in the Church of God who are often courted by other denominations and movements.” This recognition by leadership that there are other opportunities for talented young men and women and that there is a certain amount of competition for their services may be good for everyone involved.
Five years ago my wife and I took off from our regular Sunday duties to visit a Church of God man now serving a United Methodist Congregation. For two years I had been hearing about his great success. When we got there we had to sit on the back pew it was the only one with space. It seemed odd to see him up there wearing a clerical robe but it was clear that the congregation was holding onto his every word. Now five years later the reports are still good and they are having an impact on their small southern town.

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