Spread Around

I’ve had the chance to spread my thoughts around on a couple other sites this week.

First up, you can check out my misadventures at the Exponential 2011 conference on Rocket Plant Studio’s website. Here’s a look:

Expecting Ed Stetzer, I stumbled onto a group of planters preparing to give 90-second pitches for raising money for their church plant. Of course, I didn’t realize this until the door closed and the session started.

Did I mention that everyone was expected to give a pitch?

Also, the guys over at ChurchLeaders.com picked up one of my earlier articles from this blog, which has been updated and expanded:

Around ten years ago, I picked up two prostitutes at a gas station. Reading that, I’m sure you have certain expectations about my reasons for doing so. But that wasn’t it.

Thanks to both of them for letting me share.