Genesis 1:2 – The Gap Theory Is Imaginary :: By Mark A. Becker

Introduction This study survey principally investigates God’s revelation on what He accomplished on Day One of Creation Week with a contrast to what some Christians say occurred between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2 when it comes to what is known as The Gap Theory. Please do not confuse The Gap Theory of a priorly created […] The post Genesis 1:2 – The Gap Theory Is Imaginary :: By Mark A. Becker ap... »

Prophecy Update January 12, 2024

Here is this week’s Prophecy Update video: Prophecy Update Top News Headlines – (Special Edition – Israel at War!) –  1/12/24 (Link if needed): https://rumble.com/v46g369-prophecy-update-top-news-headlines-special-edition-israel-at-war-11224.html Includes: > With each strike, fears grow that Israel, the US, and Iran’s allies are inching closer to all-out war. > Blinken in Saudi Arabia: Midea... »

Volume 2, No. 12: A Christmas Reboot

Christmas comes mercifully at a perfect time. It comes at the end of the year and that is especially helpful … »

Mentoring Moments | Episode 12: Media & Ministry

Mentoring Moments | Episode 12: Media & Ministry

In this Mentoring Moment, join Jentezen Franklin and Marcus Mecum as they dive into the world of media in ministry and share insights, strategies, and success stories from leading experts in the field. Discover how to harness the power of media to share your church’s message, foster community, and strengthen your impact. Sign up to get alerts about future events at MentoringMoments.com. To h... »