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Throwback Thursday: Use of the Term “Bishop” for State/Regional/National or International Offices: Discussion on Church of God General Assembly, Nashville 2016 Agenda

Currently, the item is under referral for further study to be presented as a report at next assembly. Apart from its historical usage in the tradition and current IRS church related rulings, the item relates to the following issues currently in discussion as presented to the International General Council in four year increments: Titles for all Ranks of Ministry  (as related to current Item 10) Qualifications of Ministry (as related to current Item 11) Women in Ministry (as related to current Item […]

Throwback Thursday: Ordaining Women Bishops to the Ministry – A Discussion on Church of God General Assembly, Nashville 2016

Church of God General Assembly, Nashville 2016 “….all ordained ministers 25 years of age and older and ordained bishops…” Rationale: “This motion seeks to affirm the value of a new generation of ministers by giving them voice and vote in shaping the future mission, vision, and core values of the Church of God. It also expands the International General Council to include ordained women, whose anointed insights and spiritual discernment are much needed in addressing the growing complexity […]

Discussion on Church of God General Assembly Sessions Live Broadcast on the Internet and Social Media

Premise Historically, the Church of God has been a leader in numerous theological and practical aspects of the Pentecostal faith. Ministry via modern media, unfortunately, has not been a priority until recently. The road of recovery in this area has been established by partnership with Christian TV stations and several social media experiments. Occasional broadcasts, however, have been a part of the Church of God media presence for a long time. The 73rd General Assembly was […]

Applicants for Ministry – Same-Sex Marriage: Discussion on Church of God General Assembly

Historical and Biblical Position: The institution of marriage was established and ordained by God (Genesis 2:24). Therefore “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:27). Therefore, “marriage is honorable” (Hebrews 13:4). In spite of the progressive normalization of alternative lifestyles and the growing legal acceptance of same-sex unions, opposition is declared to to any deviation from traditional marriages of male and female. Notwithstanding the rulings […]

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