Invited to Speak at (COG?) LGBT Meeting My wife has…

Invited to Speak at (COG?) LGBT Meeting My wife has a former classmate and alum from the local COG Bible College. He invited me to minister at a midweek meeting. I agreed to it. Then he sprang something on me. It’s an LGBT service. But I asked questions and he clarified. They don’t encourage LGBT and ask the men to dress as men and women as women. It’s a meeting where they reach ... »

8 Things Christian Believers and Churches Can Do in Light of Recent SCOTUS Ruling on LGBT

1. State Level Contact your congressman/senator for available options. Write your governor without hesitation Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill allowing clergy to refuse to officiate same sex ceremonies Texas Attorney General fights back against Supreme Court First Amendment Defense Act Sen. Mike Lee of Utah introduced 2. Personal Level Inform yourself and your […] »

Brian Houston Clarifies Stand on LGBT Issues

At a news conference for the Hillsong Conference in New York City Thursday, Michael Paulson of The New York Times asked Pastor Brian Houston to clarify his church’s position on same-sex marriage, RNS reported. Houston reportedly said it was “an ongoing conversation” among church leaders, and they were “on the journey with it.” Now, Houston is clarifying those comments... »