How do Christians view the Trinity in light of John…

How do Christians view the Trinity in light of John 17:21-23? When I read this, it seems to indicate that Jesus is asking God to make the Apostles one with him as he is with the Father. Does that mean that the Apostles become part of the Trinity? »

Lee University // Preparing the Light

Lee University // Preparing the Light

As a part of the inauguration of the 17th president of Lee University, Dr. Mark Walker, “Preparing the Light” highlights the mission and vision of Lee University to prepare students for Christian living in a complex world. »

Through Gains and Losses, Church Brings Light to France

For Yves Bazile, pastor and church planter in France, ministry has been a time of gaining and losing, and repeating that cycle. His story is a story of an accomplished mission assignment, one that took nearly 12 years but bears the fruit of a church that brings light to a city 20 minutes from Paris. [...] »

This Little Light of Mine: Beginnings

The foundation of This Little Light of Mine’s began in the heart of World Missions Director David Griffis’ wife, Judy. In her many travels, she began to see needy children all over the world. This created a desire to help these precious, forgotten ones, and also encourage children their age in the United States to [...] »