In the wake of the social media attack on Dr….

In the wake of the social media attack on Dr. Dirksen, we want her to know just what kind of impact she has had on Lee’s campus and beyond. If you have any personal stories or love you would like to pass on, write them here. Anonymous or not, each note will be passed on to Dr. Dirksen. If you are cl… »

Social Media 101

Social Media 101

Many novice instructors of social media argue the importance of social principles like: (a) announce, accelerate, appropriate, (b) build, broadcast, brand, (c) collaborate, contribute, coordinate, (d) determine, deploy, deliver, (e) explore, execute, exhilarate, (f) face, foresee, facilitate, (g) go, grow, ground and so on. But all of the above amounts to nothing else than one great loss of time i... »

Discussion on Church of God General Assembly Sessions Live Broadcast on the Internet and Social Media

Premise Historically, the Church of God has been a leader in numerous theological and practical aspects of the Pentecostal faith. Ministry via modern media, unfortunately, has not been a priority until recently. The road of recovery in this area has been established by partnership with Christian TV stations and several social media experiments. Occasional broadcasts, however, have been a part of t... »

5 Christian Books I Wish I’d Never Read

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was recently reflecting on books that had profoundly touched me (look for that in an upcoming post), and I got to thinking about others that, for a time, negatively influenced the way I thought about God, Scripture, relationships, and myself. I'm sure that with each of these examples, there are people who would say that one (or all) […] The post 5 Ch... »