Fail Big

I love that Paul, the witness to the Gentiles (that’s us), could easily be considered a failure—at least by our standards. How often he trudged into a city, laid out the message of the cross, and then got kicked out or chased away. Never rich, never featured in Rome Today magazine, never more than a [...] »

I’m Glad It’s Not Fair

In America, rousing a crowd to action often means pointing to inequality or a suppression of rights. We love our justice for all. And to be sure, many such problems deserve our attention as Christians. We should take up the cause of those who can’t fight for themselves. But it’s really a sandy foundation. By [...] »

You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Anti-Immigrant

You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Anti-Immigrant

I’m dreaming of a day when U.S. immigration policy reflects the values of the Bible. By J. Lee Grady Earlier this year when I was preaching in California, a woman came to the church altar and asked me for prayer. She spoke with a thick Spanish accent... »

Unresolved for 2012: Using a Life Plan Instead

I gave up on resolutions a few years ago. I’d look up at those lofty goals, get excited for a week at most, and then promptly procrastinate my way through the year. The resolution train got me nowhere. That’s where a life plan comes in. Now, “life plan” and “resolution” may sound dangerously similar, but [...] »