Letter to a Graduate

Giving advice always seems such a tenuous task, balanced between two equally foreboding chasms: impersonal aphorisms that do little to instruct and a fruitless attempt to reach into your future based upon our past. After all, you already have the best book of instruction on all matters, a book you know well. What more could [...] »

Spread Around

I’ve had the chance to spread my thoughts around on a couple other sites this week. First up, you can check out my misadventures at the Exponential 2011 conference on Rocket Plant Studio’s website. Here’s a look: Expecting Ed Stetzer, I stumbled onto a group of planters preparing to give 90-second pitches for raising money for [...] »

Where to Start

Note: This is something I’m tossing around for a potential book intro. Please let me know what you think: If you’ve ever headed south on Hull Street as it slips away from Richmond, Virginia, you’ve seen the decaying buildings that press right up against the road—old banks turned into boutiques, boarded up hardware stores, and [...] »

Love Makes Us Uncomfortable

The guy had no teeth on top. Sadly, I noticed that first. His cigarette dangled between gum and lip. While my wife jogged into Walgreens, this guy eschewed dozens of other open spaces to squeeze his red coupe beside our Prius. His window stuttered down, and a mud-and-oil stained mitt poked out of the window [...] »