Twitter Analytics Webinar

REGISTER for our FREE webinar on how to use Twitter Analytics to inform your business’ marketing strategy. Whether you want to know how many times your Tweets has been seen or the interests of your followers, uncover all these insights and more to help you build a robust Twitter presence. In the webinar, we’ll walk [...] »

A CALL to ACTION: Are you on Twitter?

A CALL to ACTION: Are you on Twitter? Help free the #PENTECOSTAL Twitter account from the prostitute/pornographic posts on it when you report it... »

Follow the Unsanctioned 2010 Orlando COG General Assembly Twitter Feed

If you want to share what’s going on at the General Assembly and you’re on Twitter, use the #COGga hashtag. For instance, I just tweeted: Quote: Track along with what’s going on at the Church of God General Assembly in Orlando by using the #COGga hashtags. Anyone who includes “#COGga” in a Twitter comment [...] »

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