Follow the Unsanctioned 2010 Orlando COG General Assembly Twitter Feed

If you want to share what’s going on at the General Assembly and you’re on Twitter, use the #COGga hashtag. For instance, I just tweeted: Quote: Track along with what’s going on at the Church of God General Assembly in Orlando by using the #COGga hashtags. Anyone who includes “#COGga” in a Twitter comment [...] »

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: Social Networking Security And Privacy


Twitter & Facebook Stock Price post IPO

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Twitter Blocks Campaign To Protect Pastors

Twitter blocked a petition campaign Wednesday to protect Houston pastors from having to hand over to the city government all of their sermons and personal emails dealing with the issue of homosexuality. The Christian organization Faith Driven Consumer’s Twitter hashtag campaign #HoustonWeHaveAProblem was censored by Twitter minutes after launching so that users could not Tweet the petition and a w... »