Team Values to Live by

Recently i was asked by our exe. pastor to make a list of values that we as a staff team should live by when dealing with each other. It sent me on a journey, so i thought i would share my thoughts with you.

Tell me what you think of these 10 Values to live by as a teammate.

There are some things that should be the desire from all staff members.
Here are ten values, I as a staff should live, love & lead by.

1. Love God. I want to be a person who authentically loves God every day. There is not a need for an extremely gifted person who seems to only live a life of religious routine. I want to truly know and love God and love working with the team, God has synced me with.

2. Live a life of faith. I want to model walking with the Lord in true faith, by stepping out in ways that don’t always make sense to our human minds. Peter walking on the water was witnessed by the others. I do not want to witness the miraculous, i want to experience it!

3. Be a true spiritual leader. In the church, we call ourselves “spiritual leaders,” so I want to actually lead in spiritual things. I need to be spiritually-focused and spirit-led in interacting with the team.

4. Know and love Scripture. I want to be in Scripture regularly, interacting with it, and seeking to know it better. My entire Christian faith stems from the truths of Scripture, therefore, i seek to know it for myself and for the team I am in spiritual leadership with.

5. Avoid behavior management. I desire to be more concerned about the spiritual condition of our team than them having proper or improper behavior. I want them to witness, regularly, my heart and my actions being in tune with the spirit of the team. My most opportune moment for this is when disagreements occur.

6. Hang with the team. Relationships are started at a meeting, but built outside of that time. I desire to spend as much time with the team outside of weekly meetings as possible, without compromising my family or personal time.

7. Know the big picture. I want to, regardless of the age-stage I am working with, to realize that my branch in this ministry, as vital as it may be, is just a part of a life-long discipleship process of the individuals i am leading with the my fellow teammates. My ministry isn’t the end, but simply a means to a much greater end (Philippians 1:6) for every student I lead for a season thate we, as a team, groom for eternity.

8. Integrate into families. Having relationships with the team is great, but getting to know and love their families is far better. We are players on the starting line-up. I want to find ways to positively reinforce what we are endeavoring to do in our meetings by having a greater chemistry between families, not just colleagues.

9. Force thought. I desire to force our team to think, not just be given answers. Far too many meetings have been spoon-fed activities & ideas into my life, never being forced to think through own my own and then share from my perspective. This is detrimental, and a major cause of team detachment. I want to respectfully challenge the process and base the outcome off the truth that is the Word of God and for the betterment of the Whole.

10. Be teachable. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to teach someone who is unteachable. I define a teacher as a constant student who has learned (and is still learning)a lesson worth passing on. I need to understand that this is the means by which the Lord brings me to greater maturity (1 Peter 5:1-2; Ephesians 4:11-16).

hope i helped, gw