The Bride Is Not Ready: Why We Must Let Go :: By Camilla Smith

Recently, I wrote an article entitled “The Simple Truth—the 144,000” that was posted here on Rapture Ready. There is much more to share on this topic, but I feel that there is something more urgent that the Father is impressing on me, yet it does pertain in an important way to the 144,000.

The simple truth of today’s article is “The Bride is NOT Ready.” The Father is leading me to keep this very short and concise, so I am going to state it simply with just two examples that lead me to this conclusion:

  1. Worry about lost (or wayward) loved ones and family left behind.
  2. Flat-out not ready to leave.

Regarding #2–I attended a memorial service this weekend, and the pastor said, “As our friends and loved ones begin to go to Heaven, we can feel that “magnet” of Heaven pulling us a little harder.” It is a good thing the auditorium was dark because I’m sure I turned a couple shades of green. That, sadly, is the thinking of pretty much everyone I know and love. It seems most are just biding their time! There is no true desire to be with our King. “Oh, I’m going to retire next year, then in 20 years after that, Yahshua can come.” I’ve literally heard people say those very words. The Bride is not ready. And if we’re not ready to be with our Master until our loved ones have gone ahead of us… I don’t even know what to say. OH, Abba, FORGIVE US!!

Regarding #1—while it is completely normal and human to be concerned about our loved ones who aren’t walking on the Narrow Path, it is time we let them go.

Here is Truth–The Father wants us to come to an understanding of the magnitude of the job of the 144,000 (among others) during the Tribulation. To quote my beloved spiritual brother Tom Blackmon, whom I wrote about in the last article:

“YHWH being YHWH will accomplish ALL His salvations this side of the Rapture or during the Tribulation.”

Think on that. That’s POWERFUL! Do we believe this? Because I don’t think we fully do! I don’t think we are completely TRUSTING that our Father hears the prayers of the called-out ones! What does it mean that our prayers have reached the Throne? In part, I believe it means Abba Father hears our hearts’ pleas for our loved ones, and He WILL use His 144,000 DIRECTLY to reach many of them who are left behind!

We HAVE to let go and trust our Master—He is SO MERCIFUL and LOVING! It is His Character and Nature—so much so that He will pull out all the stops to bring multitudes to His Truth during the Tribulation. We need to understand this and wrap our minds around it. We need to continue to pray on our loved ones’ behalf, but it is CRUCIAL that we GIVE THEM TO HIM! They belong to HIM ANYWAY!

Our loved ones, our friends, our pets, our lives–what is holding us here? There should be nothing. No-Thing. NO-One.

What will it take to make us ready? And are we desiring to go HOME for the right reasons? Or is it just because we’re tired of this world, tired of evil, tired of sickness and hardships, tired of loss, tired of sadness, or even worse–there’s just nothing fun left here? That’s making it all about US! But it is NOT all about US—it’s about HIM! It’s about HIS Esteem—HIS Righteousness—HIS Plan. HE wants to be with US—shouldn’t WE want to be with HIM? Shouldn’t we be looking to go Home because our King and Redeemer is there, and His Right Ruling—His Government—His KINGDOM is what we desire? Believe me, I’m also directing this to myself as I’m writing this. I pray fervently that the Father truly tries my heart and finds it perfect toward Him (2 Chronicles 16:9).

It is time for all of us who claim Yahshua/Jesus as Messiah to examine ourselves and ask the Father to SEARCH us and purge us of ANYTHING/ANYONE that could cause us to be tied here. We do not want to hold on to anything—and we do not want, for one SPLIT SECOND, to look back! Yahshua didn’t warn the Seven Churches lightly. Is HE our first love? If HE is not Number One on a list of One—we are not ready. Only HE can make us ready, but it is our job to let go.

How much must this hurt our Father—that we aren’t ready to come into His Kingdom after all He has given us—all He has done for us—all the time He has waited, and all the time we have wasted? How it must break His Heart! Could WE be the cause for His delaying His Coming? Let that sink in.

Beloved Abba Father YHWH, we pray that You CAUSE us to unload everything and anyone that we are clinging to in this world—and CAUSE us to have the desires of YOUR Heart and replace every desire in our hearts with YOURS. Please CAUSE us to TRUST You FULLY. Please CAUSE us to understand the seriousness of this critical hour! Make us like Yahshua in EVERY WAY. We thank You in ADVANCE for hearing our prayers and for breaking our hearts for You. We thank You in ADVANCE for readying us to stand before Your Throne. We love You, we want to be WITH You, and we thank You and praise You for making us ready, whatever it takes. CAUSE us to shout with desperation and gratitude, “YOUR Kingdom Come! YOUR Will be Done!”

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