The Church of God has drastically changed, hasn't it? Before…

The Church of God has drastically changed, hasn’t it?

Before the 80s a few people would be moved to shout and dance fervently before before the Lord. Most people stood and watched them appreciatively. It was called “the Holy Ghost fell” in the service. It led to congregational worship and then folks spontaneously coming down to the altar without being called!

After the 80s The congregation sways, swishes (sa-shays) and waltzes to a fervent drum beat and say it is the Holy Boast!

Now today a few stand still, unmoved (they don’t know the words -as though that would have any meaning) They are not appreciative but they are old. They lean over to a neighbor and say: we didn’t do it this way back in my day.

Now everybody knows what they are saying and they complain that they don’t like their style.

How does the church bridge the gap? It doesn’t – the old people die off and a new generation arises. What happens to Pentecostalism. Go to a modern Baptist and Methodist Church if you wan t to see what goes on in a neo-Church of God.

You aren’t going to hear any tongues in either.

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